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Any advice for a beginner?


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hi there,

the most important thing is that your GIGs must be very well explained. what you do, how much it cost, what is it that the customer will get from you are the most important aspects.

then, work hard, see what others are doing. see what works better for you etc.

Write about what you do and it will come to you.


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Hi zeromark

Here’s the FIVE straight forward TIPS on how to boost and improve your gig and SELL MORE!

STEP #1: Gig Title must shorter words not long sentence! - Short words sell more!
STEP #2: Clean and Clear Gig Descriptions and BE SPECIFIC - Don’t let people confused
STEP #3: Add Video - Recommended
STEP #4: Promote anywhere and everywhere in the world - Recommended
STEP $5: Staying out of Trouble, be friendly and Hardworker, reply there MESSAGES ASAP


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Guest ayagamal541

I am very grateful for everyone shared his tips here , i am really learned so much from all the posted tips and million thanks for all of you ?

Aya Gamal

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Hey Zeromark !!
Welcome to fiverr.com
I see your profile and i must said that you need to more improve your profile and specially your gigs section, you just created only 2 gigs and fiverr allows 8 gigs on new account that why i am strongly recommend you to create your all the 8 gigs,
In easy words i give you 1 Example.
Suppose you open only 2 shops in your city then you are earn low profile but when you open 8 shops in your city then definitely you earn more profit.
Same on fiverr gigs if you create more gigs then you can more chance to earn more money. I hope you understand my words and learn something new for this.
Waiting for your response, and wish you a Good Luck on Fiverr. Thank You
Have A Good Day !!

Kind Regards,
-Creative Keyz.

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Here are my insights on fiver GIG success.

  • Offer a gig that people actually need - now this is said then done…how do you find what people really need?? start with Google trends for immediate feedback on your niche.
    see this example for the results you get:
    https : // fragglesrock
  • once establishing the field you want to work on create the content you will use to present your self and the offer you aim to deliver. Now content is not just a few words on GIG it self but rather a story funnel, explaining about you your experience and how it effects the results you deliver, it might sound weird but the GIG it self is less important then your experience detailed in the GIG.
  • Get lots of pictures relevant to the GIG (don’t hack them of the web) use services like 123rf.com so they are unique and different from the rest of the bunch.
  • Always use phrases that convey a better future, many of the fiver users are new to the online world and are overwhelmed with the information they get and can’t prioritize or make sense of it all.
  • Break down an obvious GIG in to it’s components, so that you can have a reason to up sale your service or offer smaller services as per your buyers needs.
    And a result have more GIG’s on your profile which is very helpful both search wise and they way you potential buyers see you.
  • Be focused on a niche, which means select GIG’s which are of the same expertise or complement each other.

This was the preparation part, lets talk about the promotion and service parts.

Customer service.

We all enjoy it and can notice when we get unique and good service in real life.
DO the same for you online customers, i make it a habit to answer all inquiries within 4 hrs or less depending on how busy i am .
Customers are surprised and appreciate the fast response, they are used to much slower responses.
Always be polite, even if the customer is slow in understanding or simply nasty. It will not help you if you “teach” him manners, be a living example and they will follow and align to it.
Try your best, if possible to over deliver. Be it faster delivery times or simple do more for your customer. They will be appreciative and give you the review you need.
Speaking of reviews, don’t be shy ask at every delivery for a positive review, they tend to miss that part unless asked to do it.
If a customer gives your a review, don’t forget to give a review back, and be unique don’t copy paste a response, be personal.


  • When your new, make it a point to offer a ridiculously cost effective GIG, people tend to think, …“it’s so cheap and i get so much, i must try it, what can i loose”…
    This will benefit you at getting those few first jobs.
  • Here is one of my own SECRETS, When you got the first reviews and you add the delivery file which is a given, add a designed message to the delivery file, and make sure you activate the live portfolio. What it does is create a more appealing portfolio page with relevant visuals promoting your GIG’s.
    They can be live examples (screenshots) of your work or ambiance pictures portraying what you do.
    Look at my portfolio its self explanatory https : //[self-promotion goes in My Fiverr Gigs]

Lets talk about internal and external GIG promotion.

  • The easiest everyone are using is the buyers requests which enables you to target customers asking for your service…easy ahh…well it is but most forget my lift time rule…alwaysssss be personal, write an explanation to the specific customer so he knows it was not a copy paste answer! It will standout from other responses and get his/her attention.
    They reached out, GREAT. be thankful and acknowledge their effort and time spent in reaching out.
  • You did a good job ? mark the customer for followup, it would be easier for you to get return business then a new one all together.
  • You have a new GIG? offer it to the customers which were happy with the work you delivered.
  • Offer freebies to old customers as a reason to interact with them again…daaaa and ask if they need your assistance again. They would appreciate your freebie and would be inclined to pay for something, but even if they didn’t don’t worry they will later, they are obligated now.
  • Forum participation is another way to get customers, be it sellers or buyers, now here is the logic to use.
    The forum is content reviewed by google and is getting high page rank, all you need to do is create an article - keyword it to your niche and make sure keyword density is aligned.
    google would do the rest for you.

External promotion.

  • My very best has got to do with my own business for the last 12 years and is Email marketing, I have over 2.5B recipients and they serve me great in my affiliation offers i promote off fiver, and at the beginning of my fiver GIG’s to promote the first GIG’s i had.
    Its an easy cost effective way to attract business regardless to the niche you target.
  • Use social media to get targeted leads to your GIG’s : use facebook groups and linkedin 2 of the best paces to place you offers and gig’s for the relevant audience to view and buy in a safe community like fiver. there are many more like the which i use on a daily basis.
  • Use video to promote on video sites. make sure you optimize the videos with the right tags to your niche and make sure to add links to your profile. Videos rock and they do most of the promotion for me…by the way you don’t need to be a director to produce clips…use fiver…lol
  • Here is another well kept SECRET of mine…I have more then one fiver account to target different niches ,as i said before you must be specific to make sure you come across as a pro, but that does not mean you can’t target other areas with a different accounts.
    Oh by the way i have 49 accounts in other fiver clone sites which do the same as my fiver account.

Well i can go on and on about online marketing and fiver for days…
Hit me up if you need advice about anything marketing or fiver related.



P.s. i added a small bonus for you guys so online marketing makes sense…enjoy

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Guest nhshapiro

  1. Always treat you clients like gold because if you do they will come back or give you a referral

  2. Have a service policy that states 110% client satisfaction

  3. Be clear and concise when writing you Gig

  4. Find the right Fiverr keywords for your Gig

  5. Always ask for positive feedback

  6. Use Social Media to promote your gig

    My best Gig Low Cost Analytics ranks 2nd now for web analytics in Fiverr Search

  7. Always respond to questions from potential clients asap.

  8. Keep your prices reasonable.

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Hey congrats on starting the journey of being a fiverr seller! The one thing that I would suggest to you is putting a picture of you for your profile picture. My people like that they can see who is doing the work. Makes it a more personal experience. I would suggest actually having a picture of you instead of the cartoon image. Best wishes.

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Guest videojitsu

Hi zeromark, I’m a beginner here as well. You’ve received a lot of great tips from a lot of experienced people on this forum so I don’t have much to add with one exception. It’s not an exception because others haven’t expressed it or believe it, but because over the decades across multiple industries I’ve learned to hate it and easily spot all its negative effects: poor communication. My best simple advice is to communicate clearly, thoroughly, eagerly, and in a very timely fashion. Don’t neglect to respond to each and every concern from the customer, don’t leave them hanging, show you care and go beyond the call of duty with communicating. Good luck to us both. 🙂

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Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. Got some orders since I started this post probably thanks to the previous advice! Agree about communication and will probably put a picture of me sometime soon, have been planning to do it since I started, just can’t get myself to do it 😕

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