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Any advice for a beginner?


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Work Hard !!

Keep the customer satisfaction level high

Yes for a beginner you will have to sometime take the work for a very low wage

But just take it

and do this with full zeal and Zest

and try t get full rating and reviews on it

And bingo!!!

Your business will start growing

Just make sure of one thing



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Wow, did not expect the replies! xD

Firstly, thanks for the reply, bdodd43. The need of a proper gaming computer for an 18 year old can be extremely strong (when he’s never worked before due to being introvert and unable to endure a live interview), so I wouldn’t underestimate my ambition, especially now when all I need to play all the new games in full HD is a proper monitor! I’m not saying it’s stronger than any others, much more justifiable ones such as charity, or for family support though.

Next, thanks to creativewhiz. I stated my age because I thought since I didn’t upload a photo, it might help people get at least some kind of an idea who I am, as little as it might be. As for the pricing, I’m really confident in my English and I know I can read and spot mistakes in a text extremely fast ( finished my first order of over 4k words in about 2 hours) so I thought underpricing for a while might not be too bad, at least until I get some positive feedback. Not sure if it was a smart idea, but seeing that ‘12$’ on ‘pending clearance’ on my Revenues page makes me feel it was worth it even though it might not have been xD

To eifionwilliams, thanks for the video and snappy profile suggestions, I think I’ll have to implement those soon. And once again, I’m okay underselling my services for some time as I find it easy to go through English and edit if needs be. Actually, to me, it seems like 5k words in 1 day is too slow. I would put less time required if Fiverr allowed it.

I have used the ‘Buyers Request’ page, but sadly, I know not many would go for a new arrival when a Level 2 or Top seller’s mail is right above/below, so I don’t really expect many replies from there. I did however, get 1/3 orders from there so it CAN work Thank you for the reply!

Thanks to the guys from the avoltha studio too. I will definitely keep that in mind and try being patient whatever kind of customer comes my way!

Thank you for the welcome and advice godspromise. I will try to be passionate with my work as much as I can, and might try learning a new skill soon, but I feel like my laziness would stop me in a matter of days.

???/Arigatou to bharath2050,nhshapiro and edim55. I will try to follow your tips about improving my gig description soon, as well as keep having a good communication with the customers and try to fulfil their needs and comply with their requests. No idea about improving SEO though, just kind of ignoring that and pushing to the back of my head, even though I see it everywhere (I know what it is though!). Also no social media accounts, have to make some if I want to advertise there. Sadface

innovo360, I have asked 0% of my customers for 5 stars ( yeah, all 3 of them! ), so I just got motivated by them I guess. Also, I’ve read some topics here about customers being grouchy or not appreciating the buyers’ time, but I haven’t encountered such people yet, (again, not much experience so far) hopefully I get lucky and get more customers, but none of them is like that. Dare I dream! xD Thank you for replying 🙂

noblemarketing, that definitely helps and I will try to stick through it! Thanks!

Finally, thank you Ichitnis. Your comment is like a conclusion to all of the above and that is to keep all the customers happy xD Not that that’s the only concluson I got out though!

Ok, that’s it! I’m really glad I got some advice from more experienced sellers and will definitely try to improve my profile/gigs! And yes I could have written a single thank you to everyone, but I prefer it this way! Also, please forgive the lame Japanese thank you, I was just trying to change it up a bit!

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I had the tab open and didn’t refresh, so I missed the last three replies, sorry about that 😦

If double posts are forbidden, I hope this gets deleted fast, but if not,
Thank you too, I won’t give up (not yet anyway!) and will work as hard as I can possibly can! Will also try expanding my gigs’ categories and will ask you if I have any questions biyaya! 🙂

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Hello ,

you need to write best quality content in your buyer description because of last two month my 3 gig is in Top rating and Recommended in first position so Buyer can directly contact using your gig and you can get more and more Buyer.

Thanks & Regards
Hemal Sharma

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Hello…I’m keerthi.I joined fiverr 2 month ago. Now I did couple of work.but I also did not got any work after that…but I never give up because fiverr is best place to work…
I requested to any one please help us.
Everyday I update my gig and profile …I’m active.I can work hard to success…

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I usually do not read emails but when I do, I used to reply. As I was offered to reply on this thread. Well, I’m on Fiverr since March 2010. A few tips for newbies would be:

Be Punctual
Provide something unique (Like no one else already)
Response time
Loyalty for existing and new clients
Extra Bonuses for new clients
Should be unique & professional when delivering
Should be fulfilling attitude while promising
When delivering late, should include bonuses
Self Promotion

That’s all from my side,


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My advice is to get a job and don’t sell on Fourr. That is their real name since they take a buck out of every five you make, a 20% commission. And if you ever need to contact them about anything, FORGET IT. There is no way to reach these assholes about anything. I have been trying to get them to refund a cancelled order for months but I can’t find a way to reach them. This is a scurrilous practice.

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I’ve witnessed first hand how doing “whatever” you want on the web can truly change your life if you drown out all of the naysayer’s and stick to it!

  1. Creating a Gig as a Seller at fiverr

A gig is a task, service, or product you offer in the fiverr marketplace. There are just over 3 million gigs offered at fiverr.com. How in the world are you to stand out in the sea of 3 million? You be yourself! I know, it sounds generic and uninformative, but trust me, offer that gig in the way only you can!

  1. Having Your Gig Ordered and Interacting with Buyers

Yep, it just happened! Someone starting a business, looking for a unique gift, or needing that thing you offer just purchased your gig! Congratulations to you! What now? You deliver on what you promised!
3.Promoting Your Gig

Can you really make money with fiverr? Here’s the advice of a successful level two fiverr seller who has earned more than $10,000 on the fiverr platform.fiverr has grown to some pretty amazing heights! When I think about business and entrepreneurship, I’m one that used to love cutting the “middleman” out. I’ve realized over time that this isn’t the best model for success, because we all need other people to buy and like the things we create. fiverr has built a reputation as the most reliable “middleman” on the web, because their business model is extremely intriguing to a very broad scope of people.

  1. Concentrate on topics of works

Better express your gig as an expert . I’m alluding to the fact that there are millions of buyers on fiverr searching for reliable services, because they’ve experienced, heard or are curious about the site where you can buy virtually anything starting at five bucks!

With regards
Purbita Ditecha

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Reply to @jackpoint: In the United States, many individuals with an average income pay approximately 25% in income tax when they have a regular full-time job. Even if you fall in a lower tax bracket, between social security and other add-on deductions, fuel or other travel expenses and things like nice work clothes you are going to be out more than that.

Fiverr takes 20% of your income and spends part of that on advertising you make you more money. You have no travel expenses and can work in your pajamas if you are so inclined. You can easily reach Fiverr via support.fiverr.com and clicking on submit a request. You can also contact them on Twitter pretty easily unless you harass them and get blocked.

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To the OP…Welcome to our lovely family zeromark! Considering that you’ve only been here a month (well, 13 days) and have had 3 reviews, I’d say you are off to a flying start as the first ten reviews (what it takes to reach Level 1) are the toughest to land. And only in high school? That’s even better, thinking like an entrepreneur so young 🙂 I would have loved to have had a platform like this when I was in high school ( I was a junior when the Internet was first available to the public…20 years ago.)

Oh I really liked your figurines gig…I found myself thinking of all those cute Strawberry shortcake miniatures I collected since childhood and then ended up selling…now I miss them 😦

Best of luck!

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What beginner…I am sure a lotta 2nd level sellers (myself included) can benefit from this thread, now that the orders have dried up substantially, across board. I gs partly thanks to Fiverr charging the sellers as well, of late.
Even my regular clients seem to have left this platform…So yeah, things are pretty tough now, esp for beginners.
But this sure helps you to build a portfolio and gain visibly, before you branch out.
All the best everyone

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I have achieved Level 2. For this achievement I have followed these major Things:
-Patience for getting hired but continued my struggle
-Fast and wide Communication
-Stable Quality Work
-Time Caring
-I love to give a small Test Before deal
-Clear Details About Task (I don’t hesitate to ask many questions)
-The Last Thing is Friendly Attitude

Thank You,
Wish You All for Great Success!!

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This was a tough one and it really pained me because of all the man hours i put in to get the job done for a buyer. I never knew your buyer needs to place an order for your Gig first before any engagement. Lesson learnt is this and also for new sellers, never and i mean never get involved in working for any buyer until he/she places an order for your Gig. I sell and offer computer programming services, maybe the nature of the area of my specialization requires prior discussions to fully grasp what the buyer wants, but it doesn’t mean that the buyer shouldn’t place an order for your Gig first.

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sharmahemal, Sounds interesting, will give it a try, thanks!

Thank you Purbitaditecha too. It’s impressive that you have made that much, and I hope your tips will not only help me, but to every other newbie who happens to see this post.

mustdeliver, obviously you want the customers to be satisfied so I see your point! Thanks. Also thanks for the welcome and good wishes gwenhwyfar37, and I wonder if I’m really off to a flying start 😛

m2rijo, congrats for sticking through it and reaching level 2 and thanks for sharing!

Mostly the tips are to stay patient and work hard while remaining kind to the customers, so I will definitely try to keep doing that. Thanks everyone!

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i was in some trouble when i started. i had tried other places but it hadn’t worked that well. even now i can’t claim i have beaten the game or anything.
my advice is keep it simple. if you are finding it difficult. if you are an expert already then it does not apply to you.
my idea was - and any body can do it- go over the categories of gigs and see how they are organised and how people are coming up with gigs serving those categories. if you have been online you will find you have something, you know something related to a category and then a sub category and there you are!!! look at the gigs and position yourself and put up a gig. position your self WITH A DIFFERENCE. orders may be slow to come in but its a great morale booster

once you get your first order don’t let it slip. then on rinse, refine, repeat

there are lots of people better than me. so my word is not the final word


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Great tips!
I would add that once you do find what you’re good at and what sells, learn and know your limitations. If a potential buyer asks for something outside of your limitations, be forthcoming about what cannot do for them, but don’t stop there! Offer up alternative solutions that you are capable of delivering. You will generally be respected for your honesty, and this may even compel them to become a customer!

Though relatively new to Fiverr, I can already say that applying these principles has helped me develop great relationships with several clients, who have turned into repeat buyers.

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