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Whats the effect of changing gig title but URL remaining the same


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I see many suggestions to change my gig title and see which keywords work best.

Whilst this seems to make sense, should I be creating a new gig each time I refine the title?

If I change the title of an existing gig, the URL remains the same as before. Does this have a negative effect on my gig if my URL and title differ?

What have other sellers experienced in this regard?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Hay tim welcome to fiver… Many sellers on fiverr change their title time to time… but it has nothing with the url title … buyers only read your gig title that apear on your profile or search engine … so no need to worry about this…

yeah one more tip as you seen when your creat your gig you will see the link like that https://www.fiverr.com/s2/1307087b09 this is your gig exact url … so whenever you do seo on your gig use these url …

Hope You Will Find Your Answer 🙂 Best Of Luck

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There is rarely a need for that unless the original title was really, really bad (& really screws up the permalink) or unless the gig has no reviews anyway. When I make a new gig now I first create it with nothing but good keywords in the title. After the first save I change the title to a normal one. I don’t know if it really works but I’ve read that can have a positive impact on the gig in search.

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