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Want to change my internet connections


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My current internet broadband connections is troubling now. That’s why I want to change my broadband connections line. I heard that if I change then Fiverr will block account. But I think its not my fault if I change the line. Because I am facing problems with my current broadband line.

In this situation please give suggestions. What I supposed to do?

Please help me out.



P.S. %%- I have only one account in my entire life. And its my first account. I don’t have any wish to create another account.

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I use different internet and different computers all day long. I even spent a week in another state. No problems. With the website and the mobile app you are able to use different devices. When you use your mobile phone to receive fiverr messages away from home you are on a local wifi or your cel internet.

You should only have 1 fiverr account. That is the biggest issue.

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