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My sent messages are not showing up; how do I know if they have been received?


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Fiverr has the strangest communication system I’ve ever seen. I sent a message to a Fiverr two days ago about the video she made for me, and haven’t received a response. I sent a message again earlier this morning to her. The video she produced has an error that I thought would be okay, but the person for whom I had the video made says no, not okay. So a small section of the video needs to be redone. I should have used the Request Modification link, but I had already sent the message using the “Send a message to so-and-so” link that was part of the Leave A Review message sent by Fiverr.

When I click “send” I never know if the message has gone through or not. This is a very busy Fiverr I’m trying to contact and I have no way to know if she receives the messages or if they just aren’t getting through. I even sent this gal an excerpt of the video showing exactly which section needs to be redone, trying to make it as easy for her as possible. This was a $150 gig, so it’s important to get it right.

Anyway, how do we know if a message has been sent if it doesn’t show up in conversations?

Any advice is appreciated.

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