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Multi-gig or not multi-gig, this is the question


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Hi everybody,

I know title sounds strange and tells “nothing”… but you know it’s hard to find a good one for this discussion.

NOTE: original title was: “Big” orders or “small” orders?

I’m a software developer and my main gig is http://fiverr.com/mark74/write-c-sharp-program: writing apps.

Now, design, write, test and deliver an app, like other gigs, is time consuming… often it takes a lot of time!

So my buyers usually order more than one gig at a time to see their app completed and, as you can see from their feedback, they’re absolutely happy! :)>-

But after seven months I just have 200 completed deliveries, while I see wonderful sellers develivering tons of gigs (lucky them!!! 🙂 ).

And while surfing Fiverr to collect some good gig (or just to watch some gig that I liked) I saw some seller having a lot of feedbacks from same buyer at the same time (same day I mean); this makes me think that instead of placing one unique order (e.g. for six gigs), seller asked to place six different orders: number of gigs is the same but… here is my doubt, seller got six completed orders and six feedbacks.

There’s nothing bad with this and it could “help” seller to climb the hill and maybe obtain in a few time levels awards (Level 1, Level 2, Top Rated Seller).

What do you think about this?

Do you think it’s better to have multiple orders in place of a unique one for multiple gigs?

Naturally it’s not funny for buyers placing so many orders, nor it’s easy for you to keep track of what’s going on with your gig…

So, how can I reformulate my title? 😃

Seriously: what do you think?


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Hey all - I definitely feel that buying multiple orders for one job makes it more confusing and hard to track. If you sell 8 gigs for one job, you could even find yourself completing the job, but forgetting to deliver on one of more of the orders and have late deliveries!

As a seller, I am more interested in quality products and $$$!

We have put together a generalized Add-On option to our jingle gig below:


We do not offer a specific purpose for the Add-On, but rather prefer that a buyer contact us to review what they need and we can customize the order for them right at that time.

If they have a complex job that we quote out higher than our current arrangements allow, we will actually adjust the GIG add-ons to higher prices to accommodate their particular job, then reduce them back to what you see on the page now.

This allows us to be more flexible with offering varying services related to a single GIG.

In the end, the money is the same for us and we still deliver a fantastic product that the client enjoys!

As for a title, how about “to multi-gig or not to multi-gig?” :-?

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Reply to @bachas85: my behaviour is same as yours, I completely agree with you! My only doubt is about Fiverr policy about rising and maintaining levels: having six orders in place of one speeds things up I think. This said, I won’t walk this way: buyers satisfaction comes first than levels 🙂

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