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Tip for Sellers who Want Help with Gigs - Expanded

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Reply to @kahmed094:

-From looking quickly at your profile, you either didn’t read the tips or didn’t actually use them. For example, in one of tbe links I offered there was a tip by @jamesbulls saying “GRAMMAR, SPELLING & PUNCTUATION: And remember the importance of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and all those other goodies that create a professional appearance. Your buyers may not be grammar nerds, but they know poorly written ad copy when they see it. And like it or not, Fiverr is a marketplace created predominantly for English-speaking customers, so the odds are stacked against non-native speakers. If you don’t trust yourself to write your gig, find somebody who can - there’s a bunch of 'em on Fiverr who could probably help.”

-Your gigs have English errors in them.

-Also from @jamesbulls: “ESTABLISH YOUR SELLER RECORD. This goes along with previous notes that positive reviews are pure gold, but a good way to establish yourself is to collect a portfolio of 50-100 positive reviews by selling a killer $5 gig. I mean, this is practically going to be charity, but doing this will collect a record of positive reviews, and this gives new buyers confidence and helps them trust you. After you’ve really established yourself as a Level 2 seller, then you adjust the gig to reflect what you’re really charging. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that people will pay extortionist prices, simply bring the price up an honest reflection of the amount of work you’re doing. - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/58062/32-detailed-tips-to-optimize-your-gigs-and-start-selling-today/p1#sthash.L7RItueY.dpuf

How did you use this tip? To me, your gigs look like hundeds of others and that is especially a problem in your categories. If you tried the tip above, explain how. If you didn’t, try it now.

-From the Fiverr Academy linked at top you could have read "Add a Gig Video

Our research shows that adding a brief, high quality video to your Gig can increase your orders by over 200%. For a new seller looking to make a first sale, this is a great place to start. Here are some tips on creating a Gig video using your smartphone. Too shy to be on camera? Check out these workarounds if you would prefer not to appear in front of the camera.

Do YOU have good videos? If not, get on it!

-What did you learn from the Best Practices e-book? http://blog.fiverr.com/fiverr-seller-best-practices-ebook/?utm_source=bl_ct&utm_term=n770

-What kind of promotion are you doing? Social media related gigs are not promoted much at all bt Fiverr, so you may need more gigs, different gigs, or heavy self-promotion.

The bottom line is I don’t see much sign you’ve used many of the tips on the top post. I can’t fix your gigs, you havd to work hard and do it yourself. Go to it!

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Reply to @oezeadi: The first part of the opening post already suggests starting with the forums:

1.) Read threads that already have many great answers. Here are a few and you can search the forum for more help using your choice of keywords:

How to Make a Gig and Get Sales
Detailed Tips to Optimize Your Gigs and Start Selling
New to Fiverr - Read This Before you Ask How to Get Buyers - For actual links go up to the top of this thread.

The post also is all about self-learning. I see you’ve posted vague comments on other threads so I’m not sure what you are working toward, but there is little need for this much redundancy.

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Reply to @joslynrichards: You seem to be doing a copy paste of this information in multiple threads for some unknown reason. Since this is apparently your tip for sellers I’ll leave it here, but duplicates are against the forum Do’s and Dont’s so please stop pasting this elsewhere.

If you read the actual links at the top of this thread one of them will lead to the Do’s and Dont;s.

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Reply to @debradesigns: I am glad you found this helpful. Good luck with your sales.


fonthaunt said: In this thread, please do not post links to your gigs, your profile, or ask others to check your gigs. Links go only in the My Fiverr Gigs category. If someone does want to see your profile, they can click on your username for that. This thread is for advice that applies to all sellers, not individual advice or tips.
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