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How can I safe my account for lifetime?


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Pardon firstly if anyone already posted this***

I am really don’t understand about account closing. I heard that without any notices fiverr support always close account.They never warning that what did we wrong? Most of the time buyer wants to talk with us. Because sometimes they wants to know who really I am , fake or real.And need to call his community.

I am a virtual assistant. All buyer wants to talk with me because I had some works that I supposed to call my buyers client.If I don’t know their phone number or s***e address how can I call them. In this situation what should I do? I really don’t understand.

And this is my only one account in my entire life. I want to work in this account for my lifetime. And I want this account always be safe.And How can I avoid this kind of problem that prohibited in here.

And I hope our Moderator and all of you will help me to give me some suggestions and also give me some guidelines. I am frustrating now. I Am here to work not to cheat anyone. Fiverr is the platform that who give us work. So we never imagined that we Cheat fiverr. Long live fiverr as long as my account safe.

Thank you fiverr for giving us such kind of platform.

Please help us to live and stay here. You are our guardian, so you can punish us but do not close our account. At least give us some warning that we did wrong .

Love you fiverr.


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Being one of the forum moderators I can tell you that we don’t have the power to prevent your account to be closed if you violate Fiverr rules; we’re not part of Fiverr, so we can only provide some advice.

In my opinion you should create a ticket on Customer Support and explain the best you can what are your needs for the kind of gigs you sell; if Fiverr editors allow you to send/receive personal details and use s***e then you can do it…

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