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I didn't type fragglesrock. Who or what is this fragglesrock? [RESOLVED]


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Users commonly wonder whey they see so many reports about a buyer or seller named fragglesrock who never seems to get banned! The word is so common on the forums that people seem to use it as a swear word! What the fragglesrock?

The answer is that fragglesrock does not exist! Both the Fiverr forum filtering system and the Sheriff’s use the word fragglesrock, fragglesrocked, etc. The words is used to replace prohibited words on the forum such as:

Usernames / names: It is against the rules to call out other users by name or username.

External links: prohibited

Internal links in the wrong category: Gig and profile links only belong in My Fiverr Gigs.

Swear or obscene words: prohibited if they offend someone

Hate Speech

Derogatory terms: Any term that offends a staff member, moderator (sheriff) or is reported by a user as offensive may be replaced by "fragglesrock."

So, although fragglesrock does appear to have a unused profile, it is really not a person. 🙂 If you see that something you wrong has been replaced with “fragglesrock” please do NOT edit and replace it with the original term. If you do not agree with the choice of the filtering system, moderator, admin or staff that changed it you may be frustrated, but overall everyone attempts to censor as little as possible. Using fragglesrock is certainly a better idea than having to remove your entire post or thread.

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