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How much is Your Internet and What is the Speed?

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My wife and I would love to move around the US while we are working online. Possibly even visit other countries? Internet is such a big part of the work. Can you list your location, Price per month for internet, and the upload and download speed?

USA, Huntsville, AL

$66.00 per month

60mbps dowload

11mbps upload

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I don’t know how to find out the speed, but in Australia, my internet is $80 AUD per month for ADSL 2 /200GB data limit if that helps. I know you can get deals for maybe $60 a month for lots of data with smaller providers.

I spent a lot of last year in China for work and ended up renting an apartment there and the internet was very dependent on the building. Unfortunately I was in an older building, so speed was very slow (4M) (mega frustrating), but in newer buildings with cable built in, it is lightning fast (100M). I had a VPN back to my office, so didn’t have any website blocking issues. It was cheap though think the cost was maybe $30 USD a month?

Sounds like some exciting adventures await! 🙂

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