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$7500+ Since March!


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I joined in March of this year (this is my fifth month on here!) and have since cleared $7500 with another $600-$800 worth of orders in queue!

I’ve been doing editing since I joined, alongside writing (on and off, depends on my schedule) and reviews. 99% of that money has come from editing which I do at a bargain rate, but (as I’ve been assured by my 527+ reviews) I offer a very high-quality service 🙂

I just wanted to give some newbies a jolt of inspiration! All it really takes is time and GREAT customer service. Every once in a while, I run into some buyers that aren’t too polite (it tends to come in spurts) and some will even try to get free work (and they try very hard!), but if you push through you can not only make some good money, you can also meet some great people and build lasting relationships. I have many repeat buyers that have helped me up my level status and build up reviews. I’m so happy I found Fiverr!

When I joined in March, I made just over $400. I added writing services in April and topped $2000! In May, I made over $3000 and did about the same last month. So far, I’ve received about $640 worth of orders this month that I’m already working on.

Stick with it and you’ll totally succeed 🙂

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@sydneymorgan I am truly happy for you… and my team has been kicking up in just 3 weeks of opening up a new gig in the same category as yours 🙂 We literally have gone over $300 in just 2 weeks. So I agree that this place is great to make good money, even if there are a few tough buyers out there… You’ll always have more great buyers 🙂

Good Luck to all @jdyarbrough, @elainekelly971, @julipalmer7, @landongrace, @misscrystal, @ilovenish, @mallika255


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