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Buyers ordering and forgetting?

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Hey, guys!

I was going through my queue and noticed there are five incomplete orders that buyers haven’t submitted info for yet. They all come from five different people and range from $5 to $25 each (all a few weeks to a month old!). I couldn’t imagine spending $25 then forgetting?! That one ordered a month ago and paid extra for 1-day turnaround. Over this time, I’ve sent multiple (super polite) messages to each buyer asking if they needed assistance.

I give buyers a few days to submit info as I know some order and still need a little time to prepare, but each of these buyers have orders that were opened in early June and never said a word. I triple-checked and I’ve never contacted any of them before, I guess they just came across my gig and maybe ordered in their sleep?

Has this ever happened to you guys before? None of them appear very active on their profiles. Any idea on what to try?


Side question: I know the “nudge” button sends a rather abrupt message (found that out the hard way!) but does anyone know if it maybe emails the buyer? I don’t think any of these have even logged on and it’d be nice if Fiverr sent an email reminder.

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Well, you might have to cancel the orders if they annoy you (they would annoy me!).

I could only imagine that the buyers wanted to see what happened when they clicked Order. And then they had immediately bought the Gig which maybe wasn’t what they wanted. And now they think that not submitting details would safe them the money.

Would that be a reasonable enough explanation?

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