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Is it possible to get scammed on this site?


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I was wondering if people could scam you on this site…For example when you deliver the digital work like a Photoshop image, they just download it and reject your work, and what to do if this kind of incident occurs. Thanks.

Please take a look at my gigs and please if anything is done wrong inform me 🙂



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Great question! Here’s my take:

The Fiverr system is set up in a way that discourages this because the seller pays before even interacting with you. If you are playing by the rules and doing business within Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you can rest assured that the full force of the Fiverr support team is there to back you up if something like that were to happen.

The support team here has been fast and direct with me for the times I’ve needed them. You can feel confident knowing that have some of the best people on the job to help you through problems if it were to ever happen.

As a seller, I can tell you that most people are good, honest folk and if something like this ever DID happen, it would be a very small minority.

Good luck! Love your gigs - you have a bucketful of talent on your hands!

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ofuoko said: I was wondering if people could scam you on this site.


referencelady is correct that Fiverr Customer Support is usually very responsive and makes a genuine effort to resolve issues. However, for the past three weeks, CS has been overloaded and responses have been greatly delayed or non-existent.


And as much as I appreciate a 'positive attitude', sellers get scammed quite often here - and so do buyers (sellers deliver fraudulent work assuming that the refund process is too time-consuming to bother with for only a $5 loss). I am not trying to discourage you from working through Fiverr at all - it's overall pretty good - but I am suggesting that you make absolutely sure that what you create and sell through here doesn't have a higher value than $5 and that you are working with the full knowledge that bad things can and will happen. You may simply have to write off some bad experiences. That happens in all business - especially freelance situations. Just be aware of it and it won't throw you off your stride.


Best of luck to you!


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