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Fiverr - Collaborative Protest Song


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After discovering fiverr recently, I decided to live out my dreams of being a music producer. I started with an instrumental track of a classical song I had written. My first thought was to see what it would sound like to hear this quiet violin and piano piece in a dance remix form. Bertsbeats and caruano95 made it happen, with videos from trustudios. After getting a blazing hot dubstep remix from siditious, I decided to take it to the next step, with rap vocals by taktikal, mattoc59 and cash550. When I asked for socially conscious lyrics, I got back a surprisingly powerful meditation on police brutality and peaceful protest. Add in a stunning video from thevoid and an album cover from ateljestudio, and you have a complete fiverr experience --a new work of art that really means something, and it couldn’t have happened any other way. Check it out at:

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