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Are you selling music and want actual sales with no crappy e-books and signing up crap?


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Are you selling music and want actual sales with no crappy e-books and signing up crap?

** Read Below for how to contact me **


I’ve lived off selling beats for years, since 2006 with no problem. I’m to the point now where I make a minimum amount of beats and still make big sales every month. I would not waste your time with crappy emails and crappy e-books.

I figured I could be generous enough to help up and coming beat makers make a few bucks. I’ve decided to sell my EMAILS of ONLY!! actual beat buyers, non of these emails consist of people who just wanted to discuss beats. Nope, only people who bought beats. spending 20.00 all the way 2,000.00 on beats. And yes, the guys who spent thousands are included on this list. I won’t say which ones though, because you will spam them 😉

Most people charge 1.00 per beat buyer email because this is great and important to have (The Top Key). But I’m letting them go for only 5 bucks per 20 emails.

Imagine every time you made a new beat and you have over 500 actual beat buyers to show that beat to instantly. Wow! Even if only 5 people buy, thats $100.00 made from sending one email with a link to your new beat (at 20.00 a beat). If you email only 100 people and your quality is great, you are for sure to get a couple sales.

This can’t be beat at all. I’ve been a top seller and in top positions and a mod on beat selling sites such as Rocbattle / MyBeatShop / Soundclick / Soundcloud / BeatSwagger and so many more beat selling sites I left a trail. from 2006 up until now, I’ve been collecting beat buyers email who shop with me.

If you sell beats, I would not pass up on a deal like this, I’m an honest guy who wouldn’t even think to BS you and send you crap. If you really don’t believe me then in the email just ask for a beat sale proof of buyers and I’ll send snap shots of my email.

**** How To Do This ****

http://fiverr.com/charliehgreen/send-you-20-actual-100-percent-real-beat-buyers-emails-per-order And I will set you up.

Imagine cutting the middle man out from waiting to be ranked high on sites to get noticed by beat buyers and being able to chat directly with the buyers 🙂

Sounds too good to be true right? Well it’s not, you found the right video.

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