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How do I find out the affiliate link to give clients?


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We have a large list of clients and want to refer them to Fiverr to get their artwork to size for our publication. This will help our graphic artists so they don’t have to do it, freeing up their time.

Problem is I can’t find the affiliate link to embed so we get paid.


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I can’t guarantee that the answers I can offer are correct because of the separation between programs. This forum is pretty much Fiverr buyers and sellers and in general we aren’t given information about the separate affiliate program. What I can do is quote a Fiverr admin who put something about this in a reply some time back.

In reference to the page http://display.fiverr.com @globalva said : "If anyone has any questions regarding it, please contact Customer Support .

The affiliate program is managed by a different department, however, Support will be able to look in to it on your behalf."

You may not need Support if the http://display.fiverr.com is what you need, but I have no other info on it. Thanks for using and recommending Fiverr sellers!

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