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I have nowhere else to put this and can’t find a working email address for fiverr support, so I’m putting my email response here. I was dinged by Fiverr for getting a customer’s contact information. To state the gist of my response: the nature of my gig DEPENDS on getting certain info from my clients. Here’s my response. I hope someone from Fiverr can respond and understand the predicament they have created:


I appreciate your concern. Perhaps I got this note as a result of a robot search. If you take note of us providers for Twilio services and other IT gigs, we many times, if not always, need emails and phone numbers. To set up a Twilio number requires a phone number since it is a forwarding setup. We also need logins and passwords from our clients for host services, server accounts, and Twilio accounts. These include emails many times. Emails are also necessary for voicemail setups.

These things are essential to the nature of providing the gig itself. To restrict us from getting phone numbers and emails is to prevent us from working for fiverr at all. I realize it is a policy issue but not all your providers can do business without some personal info. Take people who create dolls or art. This needs to be sent to an actual person and they need an address. Your policy has not kept up with the services you are currently providing the world and should be reviewed.

As you can see, I’m not siphoning off clients to work with separate from fiverr. I even have returning customers. I am making your company money and would appreciate the ability to continue. If you don’t see the need to to change your policy then seriously consider making exceptions for those of us that clearly need to have that info from clients.

Thank you,


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