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I got level 2 within 2 Months. How I got level two (some insights)

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Here is some awesome insight i want to share with you.

i started on fiverr 2 months a ago. i just focus on Quality.

there is many fiverr gigs which are pretty crappy and useless but people still buy in bulk. most of the gig using Automation software’s in SEO and Bookmarking and backlink category. Using Software is not a bad thing , This really help to do the work fast. but the quality is crap.

so i decided to put something unique.

I analyzed fiverr how much traffic fiverr gets.

Fiverr gets average “31 million” visitor’s each month. won’t believe me ?

go to similarweb.com and check fiverr.com and see their traffic stats.

Graphics & Design and Online Marketing is getting Huge Traffic and The Extra gigs sold Crazy.

So i decide to Go in Online Marketing —> SEO section and put my gig on it.

I write description which is very clean and clear. i also offer free sample, people love to see your quality before order.

I make a video and introduce my self in the video.

then i analyzed few gigs and put my Internet Marketing Knowledge and Build Package for my Buyer.

I use the combination of Free and Paid Tools and Some manual work. and make a quality report for my Buyer within 30 minutes. i do all this super fast 🙂

what makes my offer is unique is. i offer 7 gig in 1 Pack.

My gig is all about Competitor SEO.

so i offer.

Competitor Top Traffic Keywords Organic And google Adword Paid (this is very Unique)

Competitor backlinks. (Many already do this in fiverr)

Competitor Social Signal Status. (again most the people in fiverr do this)

Competitor On Page SEO.(this is something Unique. i use some combination of software’s to get all the Page On Page. All the Pages Title , Description, 404 Error Pages, Redirected Page, Internal Links With Anchors text, and Other 13 Features.)

Top ten SEO Competition for 1 Keyword. Analyze top ten using Current SEO metrics and attached a guide how to each metrics means.

as a bonus i also mention which social media give a website more traffic.

how much traffic website gets.

i already mention above which top keywords give website more traffic from search engine and paid advertising.

if i feel this buyer want some extra information then i will go in deep and get extra information.

this is what i’ve done. i never work so much i just setup the gig and buyer rolled in. i never do a single promotion. all the traffic comes from fiverr. the point is focus on 1 thing and make it unique which help the buyer so much. this is what i do and get level 2 even i closed 4 custom order , one of them is more then 100$. again focus on 1 gig, make it unique then expand your business and put another gig which is useful , unique, buyer wanted again and again, think about it funnel your gig to another gig. research the topic see what is already hot on fiverr how you can make something unique for the same audience and put your gig in front of them. always reply on gig request section. this will help you to get more and more order.

But i wish fiverr make a team of quality measure , many many gigs are pretty high quality but never gets order. and many useless fiverr gigs having more then 10 orders in queue. i wish fiverr take a look about quality which people provide here on fiverr then decided to shoot their ranks on top. people play with fiverr ranking algorithm with fake reviews and some marketing. in real those gig is useless.

Thank you for your reading if you have any question please let me know. i will try to help you.


Paul James

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