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I am underestimating some of my problems, the reason being is that very few people come to Fiverr to purchase something that has a high price tag, the product can be worth money, but to fit the price, those buyers are not willing to do so.

My conclusion is that the new BETA pricing should be an entirely different aspect to the Fiverr platform, I’ll even add a good name for it; FiverrPlus. FiverrPlus should feature selected sellers with selected professional services to those willing to pay a higher price for a better end product. Doing this will increase sales for everyone, Fiverr and the seller, and in return, buyers will get a detailed and higher-end product while still in the Fiverr "realm."

FIVERR.com is meant to be a platform of services offered at $5.00 – or at least that was their marketing motto which can’t be changed. Adding a couple of “extra’s” was a great feature and did not affect the FIVER BUCK motto whatsoever.

BUT: Don’t get me wrong, I am not interested working with a buyer who wants the world for $5.00, those buyers are a minority but very upsetting too. Most buyers come to fiverr because it’s where the $5.00 house is located, they are willing to pay $10 here and $40 there for some add-ons. That’s the perfect bunch.

I really think Fiverr with it’s powerful engine and existing motto should create a new FIVERR experience for those interested in a little more. Besides requiring less advertising because in essence, now, Fiverr advertises for it’s regular services for $5 and in return the average sale is let’s say, $5.00. But when you advertise a $100.00 service, that’s possibly 25% of the same advertising money which paid a higher sum. (I hope you get that!)

I think Fiverr should definitely select these sellers. The same way there are TR’S there should be FiverrPlusSellers.

I just don’t see how a $100 gig can show up in the same category as an identical service at $5.00!!

Plus, the wording is the same, the design and layout is the same… Which normal buyer would buy that??

I can understand that if you present your gig on a golden platter it will be purchased by golden buyers, but you need that PLATTER!

Please share your comments below so that Fiverr will see them. I will try my best to make sure that Fiverr see’s your comments.

This is my first comment. (Please tell me if I am just ranting 🙂 )

Sheriff’s Note: To help unify discussions on the beta “Gigs over $5” feedback and to help Fiverr see suggestions, it is good to add ongoing feedback in Conversations or Suggestion Box. You can help by adding your ideas on one or both of these:



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