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Buyer purchased a service I don't provide, cancelled the order, and gave a negative review

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As a proofreader and editor of written documents, I offer a gig to proofread 1000 words for $5. A buyer purchased my service, provided an image of a selfie stick, and wanted me to write a 5-star review of the product posted on Amazon. I responded immediately and explained I offered editing services.

The buyer did not respond to my message. He cancelled the order and posted a negative review.

I contacted Fiverr. Fiverr said they would remove the review, but my seller record shows 50% cancellation and 1 negative review (though the review isn’t posted).

Fiverr said they could do nothing to remove this negative information; but they offered information if I wanted to cancel my seller account.

My gig policy states:

Please send a message to me about your document before you place an order. Include details if you have any questions, concerns, or need a custom order. This service is ONLY to provide proofreading and feedback for WRITTEN work. If you want a product or book review, please see https://www.fiverr.com/julieconnor/write-a-strong-review-for-your-book I WILL NOT WRITE A 5-STAR REVIEW for a PRODUCT OR BOOK I have not seen, read, or used.

How can I protect my seller account from this kind of negative impact against my seller account in the future? I strongly suspect this buyer was a spam account.

Many thanks.

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Hey Julieconnor

I don’t think your whole title and message came through. I think you mean that someone purchased something you aren’t eligible to do, or is too much for just 5$.

If that’s the case:

1: If it’s too much for 5$, just ask the customer to add a gig extra with the amount you think it’s worth.
2: If you can’t do it, say that politely to the customer. Ask him to accept a refund, and send a refund through the mutual cancellation.

Hope that helps.

  • Mike
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I offered to do that, Mike. The buyer cancelled the order and posted a negative review. I explained to the buyer that the service he wanted was not the service I provided. I’m a proofreader and editor; he wanted a 5-star review for a product I had not physically seen or used. Thanks for your response.

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Reply to @julieconnor: Hi Julie. A buyer cannot ordinarily cancel AND leave a review unless it is a very late delivery. From what I can tell in your post, it appears that you felt you couldn’t delivery since the buyer ordered the wrong thing, and that the order went into late status. The cancellation will show up on your own page in the ratio since you did have a cancelled order.

Unfortunately since it wasn’t a mutual cancellation it will probably count against you, but you can get more orders and it won’t matter in the long run. What shows to buyers now is that you have 100% positive feedback. Right now, accepted mutual cancellations are the best way to protect yourself. Specifying in your gig description that you want contact first helps you to present your case to Support, but otherwise you can’t really force buyers to do it under the current system. Some of us hope that eventually there will be a way to refuse orders. I think they did put in an option on the mutual cancellation page to choose something regarding mistaken orders which is a good step.

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