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Attachments to more video for a gig/Important and Relevant!

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If you are really good at one thing, It is not possible to show how good you are when you new on Fiveer because you have just a 1 minutes video to show e.g. a whiteboard or explainer. If you try set up another gigs who is similar to your best work, you get errors from Fiveer when you try to save your gig! What ever, so I suggest that Sellers should have 2 or 3-4 videos but then 30 seconds variants. I have submitted now in 2 days approximately 14 response to buyers requests and does not have got any order! What I learned me from a buyers answer after an portfolio, so shall it show up an good portfolio. Whats means by that? I checked on the other marketplaces, how sellers have their portfolios. They were arranged in a professional manner. One seller is best at Logos another good on explainer videos and so on. These competed competitively against each other but it plays less of a role.

With today’s possibilities to a gig presentation on Fiveer does not do it! This is why many sellers in Fiveer doing a familiar error, they run with templates on gigs they do not have learned so much about.

The result is a kind of wild west marketplace, where all sellers fight to get sold their gigs. Sales reps to enter the gigs they should not sell cause the quality been bad that both sellers and Fiveer get a bad reputation! Therefore, many sellers get it very difficult to sell their gigs, even if they do it in a good way. In particular, the new sellers givs not a chance to lift themselves the filtrate was among the top sellers or level 2 sellers. Many times, it’s also misspellings in the language and make that harder for them to get out. Therefore, it can be of importance to show a proper portfolio on a gig, with an opportunity to show more images or videos in a gig they are doing best on or have an education or experiance on!

As it is now, says Fiveer, stop, with the error massage: “Do i see double? You already have a “title” of the same kind” . It was a experience from yesterday where I tried to put up a new gig but actually it was the same but with a different content/collor to show different variations on my gig. But it was just a mess. So I was pressing the delete the gig key, and began to consider which resulted in my proposal here. It was also a response to a buyer’s request that I replied earlier to but where the box showing up" send a custom offer". The problem were, it shown up two of my gigs and not the third which I wanted to choose instead they other two been shown for the buyer. So i got send a www link to the buyer in order to show the gig I gave him a quote on.

In this way, it is also, in my opinion, a functioning marketplace where buyers receive a better level of trust for sellers reputations because they can show their work In a professional manner. What do you think?

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As far as video length, I imagine the limit is more due to storage space than anything. Since you are allowed to have a portfolio on YouTube, I don’t see a problem with using that to add to what you can do. I put videos related to my gigs on YouTube so I can put more content in them. Those have gotten buyers to my profile even though I’m not in video categories.

There are 2 things I know of that cause the “title of the same kind” error are lag and actual duplicate titles. If you make changes to a gig and try to save it, once in a while the system seems to toss this error. Usually if I wait a little longer it works. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what but that’s annoying. The other reason I’ve seen it happen is when I inadvertently named 2 gigs with the same exact title because of a cut/paste typo on my part. I wouldn’t want 2 or more gigs with the exact same title and it could really confuse a buyer and sent them moving on to another seller. I’m glad it warns me if I make that mistake.

Finally, as far as custom offers, I think the gig choices are due to the categories and subcategories involved. If you have 2 gigs for making videos in Animation & 3D and 1 gig to make presentation style videos in Business/Presentations, all three are not going to show up as choices for the same custom offer. I don’t know if that’s what happened with yours but it’s my best guess.

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