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Looking for sell tour packages ant information ,


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I don’t think a lot of people are searching “tour”. I did a search, this is what I found:

I will plan your tour to China for $5
He has only one review, and he was “recommended,” on the first row, far left.

Then I clicked “high rating” and found this guy.

I will make virtual travel tours by Google earth for $5
Again, just one review.

Then I search “travel agent,” and I found this:

I will plan your Caribbean, cruise or US Vacation for $5
7 reviews

I will be your Travel Planner for $5
5 reviews

Then I searched “cruise”, I found a lot of gigs with no ratings.

Then I tried “Alaska”, I only found 9 gigs on recommended. You’d think all the people traveling to Alaska would be searching that, but they’re not.

Frankly, I think the internet has killed travel agents. Now everyone books their own vacations online. If I wanted to visit Sri Lanka, all I have to do is google “Sri Lanka all-inclusive tour” and I’ll get cool results.

And yet even cool gigs like this one are dying:

I will find the cheapest flights airfare for $5
No reviews.

Sad, isn’t it? That looked like an awesome gig. If I was going anywhere, I might hire here. But alas, I’m not.

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