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Previews for designed websites

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Hello, I wanted to create a gig providing service for html/css coding, although before this, I’m curious and need response from people that have these kind of gigs - when you send a preview to your customer, do you send just a picture of how it looks like, or you send a live preview for the person, so he/she can see how the real website/blog will look like? I didn’t find a post about this, that’s why I’m writing, and please correct me if it’s in the wrong section (couldn’t find suitable one for my topic).

Thank you for your replies in advance! 🙂

Sheriff’s Note: Tips is usually to provide tips for others, although we see a lot of questions asked here. For questions, Fiverr FAQ is typically best. Conversations is a good place too if the topic is likely to spur a longer discussion rather than one solid answer.

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