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Need advice on how to get through a downfall of sales!


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I’ve been going through a downfall of orders on my marketing pitch gig lately, and I’m wondering why. Do any of you have tips/advice for situations like this?

Here’s a link to my Fiverr profile for reference… Sheriff’s Note: Your username is a link to your profile. Please do not link to your gigs or profile unless you are posting in My Fiverr Gigs.

Thank you!

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I would suggest a more a professional profile picture and profile description. Your main gig, the “marketing strategy” may really attract serious business people. You need to come across as a professional in this environment.

Don’t mention that you do it in your spare time. People want to know you are really serious about their work.

Don’t mention playing video games. It doesn’t help build professionalism.

It took me about 100 deliveries to get each individual gig off the ground.

If you help your client make money, they will share it with you. That’s the heart of business. Both you and your client are better off because you did business together.

Your success in business is 80% personal development and 20% product. But the product has got to be awesome! Just strive to be the best and friendliest person someone will meet and work with on Fiverr.

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