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Live Now: Upgrade Your Gig with a “Stock Image” Extra


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Fiverr is excited to announce an update for the Buyers and Sellers of creative services in our community. Stock images from Getty Images® are available as Gig Extras for $10 an image. Access to these images will help you enhance your offering, to customers while opening up new business opportunities.

By adding stock Image Extras, Fiverr sellers will receive:

  • Free access to a massive library of exclusive content without a subscription
  • Increased efficiency by saving time searching for images
  • A new revenue stream: 25% of the price of each stock image purchased for your Gigs
    "25%" means that $2.50 is your net profit for each image.

Once the buyer buys the extra, you, as the seller, will select which image to use right from the order page. No additional work required.

To improve transparency and reduce potential cancellation, it’s best to consult with your buyer before selecting the images. Once you deliver your work, the buyer will be able to see the images you used.

In the future, we’ll make it possible for both buyers and sellers to pick the images before the order is delivered. We’ll also integrate the feature right into the Gig requirements. Many more updates are planned for this. So stay tuned!

Which category is it available for?

The feature is currently available in selected categories only. The full list of categories along with other useful information.

This feature has been automatically enabled in some categories. If you prefer not to include this as an extra, make sure you disable it from your relevant Gigs by doing the following:
  • My Sales > My Gigs > Edit the relevant Gig.
  • Under "Set your Gig pricing" uncheck the box labeled "Stock".

We have also fixed all of the issues that some of you have been experiencing:
  • Not being able to save Gig edits with the Stock extra.
  • Receiving Stock extra orders without being able to fulfill them and more.

If you have any additional questions or feedback, please post them here. We’ll be happy to address them.
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I have a question about this.When customers highlight the “?” next to the premium quality image from the gig extra it highlights this text.

“Stay protected. Own the rights to the content you use.”

Don’t you think this is going to cause potential issues with some customers?

I am concerned that customers are going to read that as owning the image(s) and will expect to receive the images as well (owning rights to & owning content are different points in law but buyers are not going to recognise that) and I am concerned many are going to expect to receive the images).

Wouldn’t it be better to use something like “Stay protected. Own the rights to use the images in your content.” or similar and make it clear that buyers only have the right to use the images and remove any misconception that some buyers will have that they are going to buy/receive the original stock images as well along with their order.


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I had a bad experience because of this addition, a buyer ordered this extra (which I didn’t know I had!) so I delivered the video to him as an attachment instead of a regular delivery, then I told him I would cancel the order and then sent him a custom offer with 10 dollars less, guess what, he agreed to cancel the order and then blocked me, so he kept the gig for free! I lost a 30 dollars gig because of this, I have now disabled this extra from all my gigs and I hope it will never be added again. Basically I never needed it for the gig, but the buyer assumed that by ordering some “premium image” the quality of the gig would be better, so this caused this mess including the fact that he walked away with the video for free, my feedback is I really didn’t like this feature, thank god there was the option to disable it.

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Implement it, sure. However, automatically making it part of our extras is not accepted and is extremely bad business! Fiverr now has the impression of just doing things and not including sellers on input or notifying them of these types of ‘moves’. It’s like them just adding the RUSH extra with the dollar amount predetermined, even if we don’t offer that…lol. Good thread.

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(from my rant in the Ranting Pot)

Please stop adding stuff to my gig without asking me or even telling me that it’s been added. Today was the fourth time I’ve had to go through and remove that Getty Images extra. I do not want it. I’m about to sound like an eighty-year-old man, but I don’t care: I don’t know how to use it, I don’t want to learn how to use it, and it’s frankly not my job as a writer to find images for buyers. Images are so much more subjective than text (in my opinion and from what I’ve seen on the forum in the struggles that logo designers and the like have). I have no interest in going back and forth with a buyer about whether or not an image meets the needs of their target audience.

I know you’re trying to make more money. You’d make more money off of me if I didn’t have to spend my time canceling orders because you’ve added extras to my gig that I neither approved nor want there. Please, please, please. I’ve had to go through my seven live writing gigs and remove it from every single one FOUR times. That’s a lot of wasted time. I could be making both of us money during that time. I don’t see what would be so hard about letting us know that it’s available and letting us opt in to the function if we actually wanted to use it.


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I agree with @emasonwrites 100%. I deliberately have all my gigs set for longer than a day right now because I’m planning an event and can’t check my gigs daily. I am now so afraid of seeing features re-added and turned ON that I have to suspect my gigs every time I am not sure if I’ll have time to check that day. Thus, I’m barely in search and not selling much. It’s either that or risk having a buyer ask for something I can’t or don’t know how to deliver and risking a negative feedback. Please, please, for the love of Fiverr - PERMANENTLY STOP ADDING OPT-OUT FEATURES TO GIGS.

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Doesn t it actually do use a stock image for an example as an album cover or a book cover costs way more then ten dollars?

Like if I am publishing a book, and i want an image of a woman with balloons, to purchase that image with full unlimited commercial use it would cost me over or about 1000 dollars. So, I am here a bit confused. Also a premium image quality is not right title to this extra, my buyers purchased it from me as they wanted my design to be high quality image, not me taking an image from stock.

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