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I try to change my normal live with fiverr


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my English isn’t good enough, so hope you don’t mind if i say something wrong.

i finished my study in university few days ago. and i have to start to think about a fulltime job.

But i don’t like to work for a company, you know, i have to stay all day in a room, and just have time for my life ij weekend.

Don’t think i’m a lazy man, i worked for few game company for 5 years when i was student. just past-time job. but it can help me feel more about my job in future.

I know about fiverr from my friend. about 2 years ago. sometime, i try to work in fiverr, but it isn’t serious with me.

now, when i have to work seriously, i think i can try with fiverr, work like a freelancer.

in my country, some parents don’t think freelancer is a real job. but i can have 2-3 years from now to prove with my parent that i can work by freelancer job.

i can work when i have a travel. don’t need to go to company, just a small workspace at my apartment.

i think i’ll try to do that, and i think i can have a blog, to write how i work in 2-3 year with my freelancer job.

Thanks fiverr, i don’t know how i’ll work with you. but i can sure that i have a hope, and a chance ^^

and i hope to hear some story about your life in fiverr ^^ i really want to hear.

have a nice day.


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