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What is your average selling price? How can you get the best results?


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Welcome to Fiverr and forums.
You have not reached level 1 yet.
Once you reach level(s), you will get a chance to extend your gig offering by selling extras.
I believe you can add extras without even reaching level 1 so you can already do that; but it makes more sense if you do it once you get 10 orders and reach level 1.

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Reply to @faisalraajpoot: yes you are right! Adding a Video will help with Gig views and hopefuly cnversions! But having a quality video is most important, it should explain your Gig well.

To start I always find it best to use a “well designed 1st Gig Image/Ad Banner that has some information regarding Gig Title/Important features and details of the Gig.”

see attached:

This has helped me have a higher average price than $5 and hopefully it will make it to $15-20+ very soon!

What do you think? https://www.fiverr.com/fivergraphics5/design-a-professional-bannerwebsite-or-blog-header-in-hours

-FiverGraphics5 (https://www.fiverr.com/fivergraphics5)

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Maybe I’m wrong about this for not-yet-Level-1 Sellers, but there’s this epic new thing on Fiverr called “Custom Offers”, and you can make up to $2000 per gig by simply offering a service that’s better, bigger, or just different than the original gig. You can even define a new, custom time limit, and describe the deal in detail. But like I said, the tool came out after I became a Level 1, so I can’t confirm that everyone has it available.

My average selling price is $9, probably due to the custom offers.

Best of luck in your Fiverr ventures!

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