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Can I promote myself on forum fiver by sharing my gigs link [RESOLVED]


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I want to make new buyers…can I post my links here…

Sheriff’s Note: Great answers have been provided in the replies. A thorough answer was offered by @itsyourthing:

“My Fiverr Gigs” board is the only place you are allowed to place gig links and also, your username is a link to your profile page, so you don’t necessarily need to add additional links." This topic is now closed.

[Added keywords: advertising advertise advertisement gig post self promotion get sales ]

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Reply to @manideepcs024: It’s against the rules to use ANY photo that isn’t of yourself or the work you sell on Fiverr. You also don’t have permission from the photographer or the actress to use the image, so it’s also illegal.

If that’s not enough to convince you, using celebrity photos doesn’t create more orders. Buyers want to know who they are working with and see samples of what they are buying.

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