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Hurray ! I've Earned $892 alone with My Top Selling Gig

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Hi Everyone !

I’am Very Glad, that today My Top Selling Received its 100th Review with 5 Star Rating…

I’ve Earned $892 with this alone Gig.

Thanks For Great Buyers, who Believes in me, and thanks for those as well who supported My Work…

Thanks a Lot.

Hope I Will be a Top Rated Seller. …Soon.


M.Amir ( Head of Adobe_Designers )

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Hi, congrats for your hardwork!!
I have some questions that can help others also. how did you do this work? only you or you have a team of designers? 2. which software did you use?

many thanks !!
fragglesrock<— this is my gig , iam just starting with fiverr… thanks !!

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Hi ashok, You ask some info…How I worked …Right …?

  1. I’am a Single Designer, who owns this Profile.
  2. I used Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. Both of them.
  3. Sometimes I worked 19+ hours a day…
  4. I’am giving unlimited Revisions & Money Back Guarantee For all My Customers.

SO above are My Basic but Very Strong Rules, By following these Rules, I’v reached Level 2 Seller.

Thanks & Regards,

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