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Fiverr's ill Rotation policy which is proving to be a nightmare for most of the sellers


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From the last 2-3 months,I have noticed that the rotation policy in the logo and flyer category has come to an end,It seems that the people doing the rotations before has now gone for a long sleep.They are showing the same logo gigs for the last 2-3 months without a single change.As a result the other sellers are having really bad time.You can see from my example,I have a lot of friends suffering the same problem but i will tell you mine.I had created the account about 8 months ago,and for the first 5-6 months i completed 730 orders and after that in the last 2-3 months i have got only 23 orders and all those from my previous buyers,Means no exposure to the new buyers.This is because there is no rotation.There are the same gigs you can see in the logo search in the morning and will remain in noon and than in night,means for the whole day.

Before,There used to be a change in gigs rotation after every 2-3 hours so that all sellers can get there fair chance,as it’s a highly competitive category.But for the last 2-3 months everything is gone.

I have also contacted the customer support but there is no clear response from them,Infact they are not responding for the last 3 days.

I am posting this PROBLEM,because i got a mail from fiverr.And i truly hope that there is somebody who can understand this serious problem Which is damaging the reputation of THE FIVERR COMMUNITY.

I will be really very thankful,if someone responsible from fiverr can take step forward to solve this.

Because People will start making more and more accounts if the problem doesn’t gets solved,And i am sure that unnecessary creation of lot of accounts will cause more problems than solving this rotation policy which is the best for every fiverr member.

I am sorry if i wrote something wrong.

Will wait for your good responsive steps.

Have a good day.

Keep Rocking.

Thank You.


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