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Why I Love Fiverr Online Marketplace


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Its being a great pleasure to share my thoughts with you guys.

Why I love fiverr?

Before opening an account at fiverr, i heard many stories around to fiverr, all are scary and demotivated. I was quit shy and introvert all the way, as im. I know if i work hard and my path is right direction than my goal must meet someday. Fiverr is my path, the right path. It gives me hope.

I didnt think that one day buyer will ask me to take service from me, its like dream came true.

I wast aware of gigs, its take few days to understand the meaning of gigs, i was laughed so much that what fool im!

I am lucky i got few gentle and elegant buyers. They are true gentlemen that time i feel very proud to become part of this platform.

Fiverr gives me hope, there are many people who needs this hope essentially. This marketplace arranged this beautiful solution. Im grateful to fiverr. I like to say loud, Thank You.



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Great job!

It was the same for me. Never thought someone would choose me, one of the many, to design his/her logo. When someone did, I was so proud of myself and since then, I’ve been doing my full best 100% on every order, to get everyone satisfied.

Fiverr is truly amazing!

  • Mike
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Thank you for sharing! I would advise that you keep in mind that on Fiverr, quite a number of buyers are women as well. It is one reason to use caution when addressing people using a gender-specific title (like Mr. or Sir.) I only mention it since you referred to your buyers as gentlemen and I understand why, but in the global business world you will deal with many business women also. Good luck on Fiverr!

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