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(Request) for .mp4 -native- support in windows movie maker 6. (Potential sale!)


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So, I do a little bit of video editing from my camera… and no stable programs support editing of it’s files, which makes me a sad panda. (I’ve tried tons of freeware and open source programs, and no cigar)

I am ABSOLUTELY NOT interested in converting the files first.

Windows Movie Maker 6 is what I’m familiar with, and it’s relatively “new”. It was included with Vista.

Windows Live Movie Maker is, IMO, an abomination in terms of speed, ease, customization, and productivity… Yet it seems to be the ONLY program that my videos will work with :’(

I put in a gig request for this, and everyone messages me with “I’ll convert your file!” or “I wont try unless you buy a gig” when I specifically state that “Noone has been able to do it so far” XD Why would I buy only to find out it’s another guy who can’t get it to work? xD

So here’s the challenge of the day… I’ll buy a gig from you… be eternally grateful, and recommend you to all my video-needing friends and clients… if you can get this to work.

Here’s the file info: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

Windows Movie Maker 6.0 (Vista’s WMM) can be downloaded and ran as a standalone in Windows 7 from this website: Fragglesrock

Here is an .mp4 from my camera. -> Fragglesrock

Please send me a message with anything you may come up with 😃


<3, Cait

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I like traveling and I traveled a lot. During those journeys, I always like to record them with my camera. This is one of my hobbies and when you playback those videos, it seems that all the happiness and joyful moments just came in the front of your eyes. So I like refreshing them after my every journey. But here comes my problem, the video shot by my Canon XF 100 which can’t be directly played on Corel Video Studio, my Computer or HDTV. So I did a search and found this Pavtube Video Converter, it worked well beyond my expectation.

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