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Fiverr Easy Selling Gig


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One of the best Selling Gigs at Fiverr is the “Website Traffic” gigs. Even you might have seen the sellers at Fiverr claims to deliver thousands of organic traffic to your site/link just for $5.

It comes with some Primary Works :

Here is how it works

#. First You need a HL Premium Account you can register it for $8 Per month from here: https://■■■■■■/FB8jnC

#. And then you need a VPS or you can use your own Home PC to run the Hitleap Traffic Exchange Bot. As a kick start you can buy some minutes.

Create a Gig with a catchy Title and a Description

Ex: I will Drive 10 000 Genuine Traffic from Google to your site for One Month etc etc.

Ask for the URL of your Buyer and shorten it with ■■■■■■ and enter the URL to the “My Sites” in your Hitleap Account.

That's it. Try it for yourself.
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