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Please how do i get my gig featured and how much does it cost


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Hi @dennicriss.

First of all: view counter seems buggy (many users are experimenting visits without counter increase), so don’t worry if it “seems” your gigs are not seen.

Second: you cannot pay to get your gig featured; Fiverr staff decide which gigs are featured according to number of completed orders and buyers feedback.

So, keep strong, work hard and you’ll see results soon!! 🙂

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I’d like to get featured also, so pass the real info over when you all find out 😉

Of course they will continue to feature the same gigs who continually get orders (it’s revenue driven), that’s how they keep getting orders and makes it very hard for those who are trying to get orders to be seen. Similar orders, even such as mine aren’t seen. I think fiverr should give “everyone” more of an opportunity to be seen/featured to get orders. So your gig definitely has to be unique or you are Extremely Lucky.

I’ve even asked how one gets mentioned in the e-mails they send out also.

Keeping Hope Alive over here.

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