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Dogs with eyebrows?!

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Now that I have got your attention let me introduce myself. Hi, My name is Madeline and I am an level two seller here on fiverr! On August 8th it will be a year since I have joined fiverr and I have learned some tricks on how to get more sales.

So I know you’re wondering "how does this have anything to do with dogs with eyebrows?"

Well I just so happen to have a dog that I drew eyebrows on and decided it would be a great gig! Now I’m not here to promote my gig or anything just to show an example to be different! Unique gigs are going to get more attention. For example, what sounds more interesting? Dog model or Dog model with eyebrows? The second one right? There are so many sellers here on fiverr that are repeated tremendously and are often looked over. Find something that no one has thought of! Dare to be different! Be unique and have fun with it. not every service on fiverr has to be a serious service. There is a “Fun & Bizarre” section for a reason. Use it! Just keep in mind even though you are selling a fun gig still make sure to provide professional customer service.

Here is the link to my gig just in case you were wondering ~I know you were 😉 ~


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