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Just a Tip/Reminder when asking for gig help


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If you asked for individual help with your gigs in a top post but you don’t add links and images for marketing, your message is likely to be removed to Fiverr FAQ or perhaps My Fiverr Gigs. Tips for sellers is not for sellers to ASK for tips or gig reviews.

If you post a top post with links, images or just appears to be marketing heavy, sheriff’s will use their discretion just like above, but heavy marketing is even more likely to be moved to My Fiverr Gigs, with or without warning. Best to choose the right category and save time. If you hijack another thread and ask for people to look at your gigs, the post will be removed if noticed.

Your username is already a link to your gigs. If you leave actual unique tips for sellers here that are not plagiarized, some moderators will let it stick if you only add a simple note at the end inviting people to look at your profile if they’d like to offer feedback. Moderators are all different, so no guarantees. Ideally any kind of marketing or “Review Me” post is better off in one of the categories suggested above.

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