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Sellers on Buyer Requests ? [LINK TO ACTIVE THREAD ON LAST POST]


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Hi !

I go to “Buyer Requests” , and i see a lot of people advertising themselves .

I have think it was normal , and i have go to “Request a Gig” , and promote myself about a logo design , but my request got unapproved.

So … why there are sellers on “Buyer Requests” ?

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This has been a big problem for a while. Someone from Fiverr staff did place a note on the most active thread and I would suggest reading it but still adding your note there that the problem has not been resolved. We are trying to keep everyone in one thread as much as we can (commenting and adding ‘Likes’ so that Fiverr sees it. When the threads get scattered they may not notice it. Here is the link to that thread:

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Spamming, Posting or Demanding work in Buyer Requests Section (2017)

Hey there, Its almost so annoying to see the seller spamming in the buyer request section posting for work, Dear Fiverr Team, Kindly stop this spamming, its so annoying and irritating to search for real Buyer request, eventually i will suggest to...

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