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Lessons to be learned from a buyer experience - importance of regular communication with buyer


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I have placed only 4 gigs with Fiverr. Please find one of experience.

Placed an ad for work! Seller applied among others. Asked for sellers experience etc. she responded within an hr. All sound very good and chose this seller, placed an order, send all the requested details. Never heard anything from the seller irrespective of asking for progress. The deadline passed after 3 days, still not heard anything. Not only I didn’t get my work done but also lost 4 days?. Is this typical Fiverr culture? Fiverr advised to cancel the gig! How frustrating is this? Who is accountable or responsible? This is also breach of contract. For sellers this highlights the importance of regular communication.

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No its not fiverr Culture. He must have to respond with your final work or answer your messages until he have any thing goes wrong in his/her life so he can’t come online to deliver or complete the work.

If you have option to cancel the order and he is still not answering its mean he must have anything wrong with him. Because when you will cancel the order he automatically will have negative feedback on his gig page. So in this case think yourself that he will not want to see happening this on his account for 4 orders. This will decrease his rating and have 4 negative feedback on his gig page…

and when he have “seller failed to deliver on time” feedback on his gig page its very difficult to get more orders coz its visible to all buyer who will reached to his gig page.

What you can do if you still have not cancel the orders.

See his profile if he have green dot (online sign) on his profile and he is not responding just cancel the orders and let him take punishment for 4 orders “seller failed to deliver on time” on his gig pages.

But if you can’t see him online its mean he have any serious issue in his life.
i would like to give him some more time to come back for answer and make it clear why he was not answering.

Its totally up to you that what you will do with these orders with him.
but my request is that give him some more time if he is not seen online.

You always have the cancel option. When he will answer and replied with reason you can check if the reason is acceptable so give him time to complete the orders otherwise cancel.


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