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Buyers and sellers can work together towards a great gig delivery

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A buyer ordered my gig, gave his instructions and at the end of instructions made a comment “don’t wimp out on me here! ;-)”. By this statement, he was already showing signs of doubts. I did the first design, we made some image change he did not like the image, we did the second and he had some issues with the image again, he then brought his own image and I did the modifications using his image. I delivered and did not hear from the buyer again, about 3 days later I got a negative review.

Now in my gig description, I have there “unlimited reviews till you are satisfied”, I also have “full refund if you are not satisfied with my work”. Where did I go wrong?

I will like to say here that buyers should work with sellers, Why?

The covers are their dreams and visions for their books, they should try to pass on this vision to the sellers, let them know how they want their covers designed with regards to colours, text, images, e.t.c., and the sellers will put the information together.

I think buyers should be patient with sellers, if you are no satisfied, please say it and all modifications will be made, it"s possible the seller is not seeing that dream and vision of how you want your covers to be, but with your input that seller will deliver your dream and vision. We are here to serve you, it’s not all about the $5, good working relationship matters a lot.

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