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How do we see requested gigs? [LINKED TO ANSWERED DUPLICATE]

Guest power_promotion

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Guest power_promotion

I am one part of a 5 person team who are choosing to use Fiverr to keep us busy and to add a little cash to our pockets. Might as well!

I am the only one of us that has used Fiverr before. I know that every time I put up a requests, people would respond.

My question is: Where can we see requested gigs?

We think it would be a great way to jump into the community.


  • John

    When you have a question like this, it isn’t a tip so a better place to post it is in Fiverr FAQ. Before you even go that far, searching the forum for your question could have yielded the answer here:

    Also, to learn more about finding answers fast check this out:

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