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How to peek the right seller (RECOMMENDED BEFORE BUYING)


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Welcome to Fiverr!

If you are reading there lines, you are probably thinking to buy a certain Gig from a Fiverr seller (I like to call sellers on fiverr - gigger).

So how would you assure you are buying from the right person? Read those important tips:

  1. RATING IS NOT EVERYTHING (!!!) - Even if the seller’s got 0% rating (like I do, for example) it DOES NOT mean that you cannot trust him. Look at his profile page -

    a) Does the page detailed properly?

    b) Does the seller’s self description satisfies you?

    If the answer to one of the above questions is Yes, BUY FROM HIM! If you’ll get disappointed - report it, and most likely - your money will be returned. But in the greater case that you’ll find him a great person - you just changed his 0% to 100%. Yes, with only 5$ you changed a person’s whole rating.
  2. DOES THE SELLER HAS MORE THAN ONE GIG? - Believe it or not, a seller who has more than one gig shows that HE IS HERE FOR BUSINESS. Why? because he puts the time and effort to write those gigs. Which means he didn’t just joined Fiverr, skeched a ridiculous Gig and went to the Bar.

    I hope that you, my dear buyers, are now looking at this from a different view.

    For any question, please comment below (or Private message me if its really important 😉
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Reply to @seobookmarkbest: There are times when this is absolutely true. As long as someone can communicate reasonably well, bad writing does not make them a bad seller of every single product.

There are two problems here. First is the communication aspect. The title of this post is “How to peek the right seller.” If a buyer speaks English but is also not a native speaker, this is a really confusing statement. Yes, if you keep reading you’ll probably get it from context, but possibly not. So, communication may be a concern with any gig.

Second, @sirtaco has a gig called “I will write you a great article for $5.” That implies that he is a great article writer. If he is not a great writer, how can that be? He may be able to write well in his native language, and he may be able to write brief communications in English, but a buyer would be naive to buy an actual article based on this forum post or based on the writing in the gig.

None of this necessarily makes him a bad seller at all, but the relationship with the client is only going to be good if the work and communication are good.

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Reply to @sirtaco: I was nice, you’re the one that told me to mind my own business. If you don’t want to learn from my experience, that’s fine as well. But when I look at your writing gig, and see:

“I would simple responsible to deliver scoops about what going on in the Kibbutz, every day.”

Instead of

“I would WRITE about daily events in the Kibbutz.”

Then I know you’re not a writer or you’re a writer of limited proficiency. Writers edit themselves, specially on Fiverr profiles where making a great impression is everything.

Furthermore, before Fiverr I was a copywriter for several advertising agencies, and wrote ad copy everyday. Do you know how my bosses treated me when I made a grammatical or spelling error? They treated me like crap. So believe me, I am being nice compared to how I was treated.

So goodluck, godspeed, if you don’t learn from me, you’ll learn from your own experience, like I did.

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Reply to @sirtaco: I just noticed this comment from you. I am curious about your response. U said that your writing skills were rough for someone offering a writing gig. What does that have to do with your forum articles being for fun, or for self-promotion? If you don’t like the advice, ignore it. If you can sell articles and your buyers are happy, it makes no difference what I think. If you don’t want comments, don’t post in a public forum. Good luck.

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  1. Test out the seller with a $5 gig before purchasing bigger orders, to make sure they can deliver what they promise in their description. If they fail even with that one, you can get your fiver back, if they’re awesome, you might end up hiring them over and over again and never having to look elsewhere.

  2. Be wary of sellers’ resumés. Fiverr does not ask or check certificates or references, anyone can write anything in their profile, claim they are from another country, or being fluent in language they found in google translate language list - so, go back to step one, get the base gig and test the seller’s abilities out.

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