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(Inspiration) I hope things are going well for you all

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Hi Guys,

I used to contribute here quite often but with Fiverr work and work outside of Fiverr, it’s been a very busy period over these last 6 months…

Just wanted to give some inspiration to you new guys and girls really.

I’m not a top seller so don’t think I’m speaking from authority but I’ve been here for over a year now with 3000+ sales and I got to meet the CEO in London last year.

Things can be missed on this forum in terms of what “the best gig to promote is” or “why I am not getting any orders”.

Hence me providing this post for you guys… simple steps:

  1. Come up with a gig that is unique:

    Hey, that sounds simple? But it’s true… do not replicate any gig that is ‘doing well’. Originate your own gig from something you have originated. It’s really not that hard. Back in March 2014 I was the only one with a Retro style Flyer… now look! There are floods of people copying what I originated here but that is OK. I’m the one with 3000+ orders. They are the ones showing other peoples work as there own and getting bad reviews… SO BE ORIGINAL! Check out my competitors gig list and how many they have in a queue - I work 24-7 and I still have 30+ in a queue at any time.

  2. Be honest with you clients:

    I had a business for ten years previous to going ‘freelance’ and I can tell you right now that clients do not appreciate BS (BullSh*t). Be honest. Tell them what you expect and DON’T SAY YOU WILL DO ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN’T DO.

    The habit with a minimum amount of orders is to go that extra mile to get some… don’t do it! Stay true to what you can offer and what you can do.

  3. Don’t worry about upsetting a few:

    A weird one this! Fiverr will always tell you to treat your client like gold… I met the CEO in London last year and he is such an awesome chap - honestly, he really is… he is all about the community and a ‘family’ of Fiverr.

    That said, you will have clients who will take the pss out of you. I’ve had my fair share. 75 negative reviews out of 3000+. Do I care? No, not really. Do I get Fiverr involved to commute those reviews? No… what’s the point?

    End game is simple… offer what you can (and be true to your gig) , if your client takes the p
    ss then tell them so.

    A lot of people (clients) still think of Fiverr as being a place to get cheap work from people who need the money.

    Don’t stoop to that level. Respect your work and tell them they are wrong.

  4. Be good!

    A simple process really. Just be good. Be good in what you do. Be good in how you react to clients. Be good to Fiverr and be good to what you know is the right thing to do. Honesty is awesome.

    I wish you guys all the success I have had on here - and if I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me direct. This is a fantastic site based on a premise of Family. I’m your brother, sister, uncle, aunt… I think most of us are.

    Good luck guys!


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What a fast-inspirational post 🙂

We have the ability to say that since freelancing is doing what you love most and on your own time, so yes, don’t care about the negative which occurs rarely.

On a second note, I must mention that what you have accomplished in the last year is truly incredible! Now, from a little level Two’er… Keep it up!

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Thank you!
Again, since meeting the CEO and having the heartache of a business that takes it’s toll for 10 years, Fiverr really is ‘The Way Forward’.

By that, I mean the way it works. Nice people offering nice work to nice people.

I can’t think of a nicer place to be.

Thank you thecreativeguys - your work is equally amazing!

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