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How many express gigs do you have and what is your advice on offering them to newbies?


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I have 3 express gigs and am doing pretty well with them.

For new sellers on Fiverr, all you have to do is set one gig to be delivered in 24 hours and when you deliver that gig in 24 hours, that gig may get converted by the system to become an express gig.

Benefits of Express gigs:

  1. You get more people viewing your gig since people like their orders fulfilled quickly. The quicker, the better, and there is nothing quicker than 24 hours on Fiverr.

    *hmmm, maybe we can do a “Super Express gig in 12 hours”…

  2. Express gigs have their very own section, so your express gig has more exposure than your other gigs.

  3. Express gigs force you to become a more effective seller since they force you to deliver. They help develop good selling habits and professionalism.

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Guest tn5rr2012

I wish I could have an Express gig but there is nothing fast about starting a family tree. Heck iit took aover 200 years for the ancestors to climb a tree, it takes me at least 10 days to find them in the branches…

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Well If there is enough free time for anyone to do fiverr jobs then having express gigs is not a problem…But if fiverr is part time then there is a problem since keeping the express gig is pushy…

When I was a newbie I also had one express gig…then I had free time and now I don’t So I raised the duration and put an extra for 1 day delivery…

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Guest dreamcatcher93

Hi there I new here I have an express Gig with 130 positive review and 4.9 rating But have no orders feeling Sad

please help me How i get orders as much as

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