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Tips for Fiverr Bloggers

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Dear all,

I’ve started very recently here on Fiverr. Today I would like to share my experience so far and perhaps you would like to share yours with me/us? 🙂 As a background I love and like to write. I’m good at writing articles about nearly anything. Officially I’m an IT guy. I have several Gigs, but my fast mover and direct hit is the blogging one.

Ok, I started about 3 weeks ago. Hopefully by reading my story others will benefit from it as well. After a week almost on a daily base the orders flew in. It first started with buyers ordering the standard Gigs. Which means 250 words for 5 bucks. Sure, no problem I need reviews anyway. At first it took me a while to get on track. But since a few days ago I’m in a pretty good flow. Had to get used to the system as well.

I received and completed a few days ago my first 100 bucks order. Not bad I guess.

I adjusted and fine tuned my Gig a numerous times. I answered 90% of all incoming questions at least within 24 hours. I also have a “normal” job to attend to on a daily base. Made some explaining additional documents which I send to clients after ordering the Gig. It explains in detail what they can expect from me and what I need from them to write a killing article. As a result I just reached sellers level 1. I even have already some returning clients.

So far I have nothing to complain, but just wondering. Since my income up till now is far from a decent Monthly income. Realistically, too good to be true within 3 weeks :). Anyhow, I’m wondering how you guys generate extra work? And what I’m really curious about is are there any bloggers or writers here who really live based on being a Fiverr blogger?

All tips or comments are more than welcome!

Cheers and all the best sales,



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Yes, some writers do experience great success here, look at this guy:

I will write your Ad or Content by Pro Writer for $5

I’m jealous of him, 26 in his queue? Wow.

The good news for you is you don’t have to become a copywriter, look at this guy:

write original and effective content up to 500 words for your website for $5

163 in his queue and he offers something I would never do:
"?FREE BONUS? Order 5 gigs and I’ll throw in the 6th one FREE!!! ($5 VALUE!) "

Well, it works for him. Maybe he’s not really one person but a company, I don’t know.

Can you imagine having that many orders? When does he sleep?

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Hey Fastcopywriter,

Thanks for your reply!

Sounds very interesting. I checked the last just out. OMG, 124 in queue. i’m already stressing with 5 or more in queue. He’s nog alone that’s for sure.

You know as nobody else that writing content can be very time consuming.

Can I ask how you started and can you make a living?


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Reply to @fastcopywriter: I’m actually not sure. Even if he’s not advertising on Facebook, he could be using google / bing /yahoo adwords.

Even if he’s not doing any of those, and just letting organic traffic from Fiverr fuel his profile, I’m sure that guy has a team of people he’s diverting orders through. It’s certainly not how you and I choose to do business, but I suppose it works for him.

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Hi all,

Thanks so much for the discussion goin on here. I thought I would get a notify in my email. That caused my late response. But anyhow. It’s been very inspirational. I’m going to offer Gigs which are more related to text writing. See what happens. One thing I’ve already learnt is that it’s all about trial and error :).

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