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Have unique products and content, What to do next?

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Have unique products and content, What to do next?

I am a retired industrial contractor with a long history of making things work.

I have had to understand and identify problems, create solutions, sell contracts, fabricate parts, install systems, tweak systems and collecting the money from the contracts, and since I work in a small geographical market I have had to do it all over and over again for the same customers for decades. This history has given me an intellectually honest, hard knocks perspective about what will work and what will not work.

I have been developing a few products over the years, products that I can manufacture myself in my shop.

I have some outdoor living items and some inside the home items.

I have been prototyping and testing these designs, for years and they have proven themselves to me, to be ready to go.

I have also been tweaking the mfg. methods, I am using shop methods not modern mfg. methods. I can build batches of hundreds but not thousands, but I can scale up quick with better manufacturing equipment or outsourcing.

The videos of these items could possibly get a lot of views since they are unique.

Also I have enough other information and “how to” content to do quiet a few videos

So I want to sell items I can make, and I can do that on eBay and Amazon and or at a web site,

but I also want to capitalize on my information content.

I can get attention. A few years ago I had thousands of YouTube subscribers.

And I am still getting two or three subscribers a week, even tough it has been years since I have done anything new.

Basically I have 6 new unique, practical, products,

and several informational items or do it yourself designs.

I can do presentation videos but not like a pro.

I have written persuasive presentations (that I am sure need rewriting.)

I think I have the most important part, content and new products but I am not yet skilled at internet marketing.

Where should I start?

Get to know various people by having some presentations rewritten?

I need help with the big picture.


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