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Showing problem in my payment


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When you deliver an order and it’s accepted (from buyer or automatically after 3 days) you don’t get the money immediately, but you have to wait for the clearance period to pass (it’s 14 days long).

After this, you can find the money you earned automatically transferred to your Fiverr account as credit; you can use this credit to buy other gigs (but it will be used only if the cost of the gig can be fully covered with the credit, otherwise your Paypal will be billed) or decide to send it to your bank account. In the last case, considering that Paypal applies a fee for each transaction, I suggest to wait until you have more than $50, as Paypal fee is capped to $1.

You can check your Pending clearance revenues and the already cleared ones.

Finally, if the clearance period has already expired and the money is not on your account, then contact Customer Support.

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