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80% Requests in "Buyer Requests" are of Selling Gigs [DUPLICATE TOPIC - CLOSED]


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Hey! I just wanna know that why Fiverr allows selling Gig in Buyer Requests??

When I open Buyer Requests tab, mostly I see selling gigs there. This is fully Annoying, mean I can’t see any selling gig request there. Fiverr Should not approve Selling Gigs request there…

Sheriff’s Note: There have been many threads on this topic already. One open thread has a response from Fiverr staff. You may want to read it and/or add your thoughts to that post in the Suggestion Box. Take note that the Suggestion Box is the only forum area that is regularly read by staff, so posting questions for Fiverr in any other forum won’t be helpful to you. Here is the active thread: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/68240/report-feature-for-misuse-of-buyer-requests. This thread is now closed.

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