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✔ Fiverr Tips: 5 Special tips for fiverr seller


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Hello Friends,

Today I just want to share 5 tips for newbies. These are simple but very effective.

  1. Don’t clone others gigs. Create your gigs based on your ability and experience. It will make your gig contents unique which will increase your gigs search visibility.

  2. Add representational “Video” to your gigs. Peoples love video, I think fiverr too. This will help your gigs to attract buyers. Use your best work samples. Never use others samples or googled images.

  3. Read every details of each order. If you think you aren’t able to do any order contact with your buyer as soon as possible and tell him about your limitation and send him a mutual cancellation. Remember, do not make delay in this issue.

  4. Share your gigs and give them some social connectivity. Ask your buyer for good reviews or FB like after successfully after successfully completing his job.

  5. Always try to login into your fiverr account while you are on your desk and reply every messages. Remember, buyers love active sellers.

    Thank You


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