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Review Gigs Before Ordering - Respect the Seller's Terms


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I would like to use this medium to simply share with buyers that it is imperative to properly review the GIG you are interested in before purchasing an order. It is understood that at times you may be eager to have a task completed and quickly find a GIG that the Title catches your eye; ordering this GIG in that regard may create some issues later on if the actual description of the GIG has a lot of guidelines and terms (even though a GIG Title says $5).

To ensure a smoother relationship between both parties, please take the time to review all the terms, and send a message prior to ordering if something is not clear. Some Gigs will work out to a lot more than $5, and some will actually be $5 for a lot less work than you require.

Doing these things will lessen the chance of arguing with the seller about what their Title said, versus what their details say, hence lower cancellation rates, better customer satisfaction, and less worrying about your placed order.

Please continue to support and grow this lovely community where services are offered and needs are met on a worldwide scale in harmony.



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