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Links for Sellers Who have Questions about Gig Help


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This is a shortened version of a thread with more explanation and help. The expanded version is called Tips for Sellers who Want Help with Gigs - Expanded.

Forum Links:

If you read and apply all the applicable tips in these posts, you are guaranteed to improve your gigs. You can search the forum for more help using your choice of keywords.

How to Make a Gig and Get Sales

Detailed Tips to Optimize Your Gigs and Start Selling

New to Fiverr - Read This Before you Ask How to Get Buyers

Fiverr FAQ Guidelines - Read Before Posting

Fiverr Forum Do’s and Dont’s

Non-Forum Links:

The Fiver Academy

The Fiver Blog

Search for more help.

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Reply to @kjblynx: One of the things that I dislike about this forum is that to see posts stacked with announyements at the top you have to view it using the Discussions link. Even then the view isn’t ideal, but new users aren’t even likely to try that. Cross your fingers!

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Reply to @designer_mk: Good luck! If you actually click on eack link I posted, read the information and then apply it, you have a better shot. For example, make sure you use gig images of cards you designed, printed and took a picture of. Examples showing copied gig images don’t show what you can do.

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Thanks for the post.

I have create Photoshop Services Gig… I have successfully completed 1 order with positive review, now last few days there is no order. i hope i will get more order soon. :)>-

Can you look my Gigs if its not a trouble & see where i can improve on?

Thank You

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Reply to @manikmunna: Answer these questions for me:

Did you read every post I linked to and try all the hints in them?

Did you read this?

fonthaunt said: f you still feel that you just have to post, you should realize that asking for personalized help on individual gigs is a slow process. Asking questions that have already been asked also is not the best plan.

And, did you read this?

fonthaunt said: If your question involves something very unique that isn't already answered somewhere else on the forums, the Fiverr FAQ may be a suitable location to post it, but if you haven't even read posts, the links above and searched for the answer, your post will probably be removed or moved to My Fiverr Gigs.
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Waoo… This is a great info with most useful tips.

YES, Fiveer is a place to earn money with 100% real.

I created a gig and in 24hr I received many orders because i delivered all my gig expressely(within 24hr). Some of my gig are Create a professional vídeo animation for $5 which I brought the software. (www.videomakerfx.com) for $69.
and also LOGO Design gig are also most wanted gig on fiveer.

My advice is, try and tap to 24hr gig because buyers love to deal with Express delivery.
If you dont know the gigs to offer on fiverr, you can contact me on the email below.

Those are the software:

  1. Vídeo Animation Software (videofx)
  2. Logo Maker $50
  3. Alogo Maker (www.aaa-logo.com) for $49.95
  4. Unlimited Traffic software
  5. Scrapebox software - I brought this also for $97 check: www.scrapebox.com

I brought these software for $265 and i will give you all by Contact me now on fragglesrock .com and please for only serious Fiverr money maker.

Sheriff’s Note: Sharing off-Fiverr communication is one of the most serious violations on Fiverr. Your account can be banned for doing this.

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Reply to @monicadarnell: it looks like some kind of ad here. I personally bought just 3 softwares, but I can do anything with them. If you have skills you don’t need multiple random softwares.
I use Adobe Photoshop for graphic and website designing (psd->html), Illustrator for vectors and After Effects for video, intro and animated effects creating.
And it’s enough, although if you want to use many softwares that’s fine as long as your work is creative and original.

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